The Tech Industry Has Problems

I enjoy working in tech. I enjoy building something useful, and stretching my brain around thorny coding problems, and making machines do my bidding. But I’m well aware that tech, as industry, is full of problems. Sometimes tech is the bad guy. It doesn’t ask if it should build something; just if it can. It tries to solve tech problems with more tech. It’s classist. It’s full of white men and not many other types of people. This collection of reading material confronts some of those issues.

The Other Tech Bubble Silicon Valley is the new Wall Street. There’s a backlash against tech, but it’s hard to see when you’re on the inside.

Your Company’s Slack is Probably Sexist This article has a pretty binary view of gender, but it takes a hard look at communication styles online.

For an Inclusive Culture, Try Working Less “When our office culture is focused on business rather than socializing, we reduce the number of ways in which we all have to be the same. When we do that, we allow diversity to flourish.”

What If Companies Interviewed Translators the Way They Interview Coders? A lighthearted look at how the tech interview is broken.

The Real Danger to Civilization Isn’t AI. It’s Runaway Capitalism. “…when Silicon Valley tries to imagine superintelligence, what it comes up with is no-holds-barred capitalism.” A look at ethical artificial intelligence, unregulated corporations, and insight.

Written on December 20, 2017