My Favorite AngularJS Resources (So Far)

Moving from the familiar framework of Rails to something completely new – AngularJS – has been an interesting journey. Here are a handful of my favorite resources on learning Angular.

First of all, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the actual official AngularJS developer guide. While typically more brief and less in-depth than some of the blog posts I link below, sometimes its conciseness is exactly why it’s useful: Developer Guide

Dan Wahlin has a fantastic series on writing custom directives. This was perhaps the most challenging part of learning Angular for me, so I appreciated his detailed ground-up approach: Creating Custom AngularJS Directives

Does transclusion seem like confusing “magic”? Tero Parviainen’s explanation breaks down transclusion into its very basic concepts, and then explains how the magic happens: A Guide To Transclusion in AngularJS

This article at talks about best practices for using scopes. Less of a “how to”, more of a “why”: Learn How to Use $scopes Properly in AngularJS

If you’re shaky on the “publish/subscribe” design pattern, Todd Motto breaks down the Angular event system with clear examples: Understanding Angular’s $scope and $rootScope event system $emit, $broadcast and $on

A deeper dive into using ngMessages with forms, including reusing and overriding error messages, at How to Use ngMessages in AngularJS

Here’s a short and sweet guide to using filters in controllers (instead of views) for improved performance, by Rabi Kiran: Invoking AngularJS Filters from Controller

Understanding Angular’s digest cycle is incredibly important. Knowing when and how to use $scope.$watch and $scope.$apply is part of that: Using $scope.$watch and $scope.$apply

In fact, important enough to merit a second article on the subject! Here’s another on $scope.$watch et cetera. As a bonus, check out the other Angular articles in the sidebar by Jakob Jenkov: AngularJS $watch(), $digest() and $apply()

These are just a selection of the many, many helpful articles and blog posts on AngularJS out there. Got a favorite I didn’t list? Let me know!

Written on June 6, 2016