Resources for Integrating AngularJS with Rails

Looking to combine an AngularJS frontend framework with a Ruby on Rails backend? Here are a handful of helpful articles and tutorials I’ve used. Many of these guides accomplish similar goals in slightly different ways, and so illustrate a variety of approaches you can use for setting up your app.

First up is Luke Ghenco’s step-by-step guide. He creates a simple CRUD app using $resource to demonstrate how to link Angular and Rails. Luke is a fellow Flatiron School Learn Verified graduate. Create an AngularJS App with a RESTful Rails API

Here’s a great tutorial from Sitepoint with more detail on using $resource for RESTful APIs. Creating a CRUD App in Minutes with Angular’s $resource

This beginner’s guide from Honeybadger walks through the process of getting your app up and running, and includes some test-writing. Getting Started with AngularJS and Rails 4

Another step-by-step walkthrough from Bendyworks, this time of a Donuts-themed app. This guide uses the Restangular JS library to assist in consuming RESTful APIs, and the Rails Assets gem to manage the front-end libraries. AngularJS Rails Donuts

This tutorial on demonstrates how to install Bootstrap for styling, explains how to use Bower and the bower-rails gem for front-end dependency management, and deploys to Heroku. AngularJS with Ruby on Rails

Super quick app setup from Josh Software. Building Web Apps with Rails 4 and AngularJS in 15 Minutes

Let me know if I missed your favorite resource!

Written on July 28, 2016