A Collection of Interesting Things

The resources I’m sharing in this post don’t have a particular theme: instead, it’s a miscellany of interesting and/or useful articles that all fall under the broad umbrella of web development.

Alias a Better Git Log: The regular “git log” command displays an output that’s usually too long and unwieldy for me. This post shows you how to display something prettier and more helpful, with an optional flag to show what changed.

Tuning Postgres on MacOS If you’ve ever had performance issues with your local development Postgres installation – or even if you haven’t – here’s how to fine-tune your Postgres settings.

Digital Video Introduction This is a great primer on digital video technologies. I’m currently on the video tech team at my job, and this introduces concepts from square with plenty of examples and a hands-on section.

Color Accessibility Workflows Front-end web developers aiming for compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will find this guide very helpful for choosing accessible text size and colors.

Preloading in Rails All you ever wanted to know about #preload, #includes, #eager_load, and #joins in Rails 3, 4, and 5.

Testing Elasticsearch in Rails One way to set up robust tests when you integrate Elasticsearch in a Rails app.

Written on September 26, 2017